How to use a File

File is another cutting tool and is available in a variety of lengths, grade cuts and shapes. Files are made of high carbon steel and is attached to a handle. The file has a series of teeth set at an angle which cut the work on the forward stroke. Files have generally 3 types of cuts – Single cut, Double cut and Rasp cut. The grades of files are selected according to the desired rate of metal removed. The different grades of files used are – Rough, Course Bastard, Second cut, Smooth and Dead Smooth. Files are manufactured in different sections to suit different purposes. The common section are – Flat, Triangular, Square, Half round and Knife edge. Example of Files are as drawn below –


The flat files is used for common filing purposes. Use the whole length of the file for filing. A file will take a cut only in forward stroke, so pressure of backward stroke is a waste. The number of strokes is to be limited to 40-45 strokes per minute. Generally, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 inch files are available.

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