Information Architecture and future view

So far we have seen some aspects of IA as related to website design (which indeed is one of the main strategic enterprise information management system). But, application of IA never ends. As IT blends into every human activity, it is creating new avenues of IA to explore. This situation will soon lead to a interactive information envelop that would surround the earth. New tools, technology and standards will evolve to manage and maintain this information envelop which would be subjected to constant privacy and security concerns. New ways of IA techniques would need to evolve to represent the structure and design of these new human interaction environments. Added difficulty would be to integrate information visualization with information representation models.

Looking forward, the field of IA will constantly evolve and would reach some maturity in the next 20-30 years when more robust information visualization and information representation techniques are invented and deployed to model and design the new information interaction environments.

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