November 28, 2022

One of the core aspects of human life is its need to be informed and thus gain knowledge to act wisely, conscientiously, responsibly and intelligibly. We all are constantly seeking information about some context – may be it is to solve an issue related to our day to day life/work or it might be a search to explore new concepts. The advent of Internet and its mere existence is to support this major task that we all perform in our daily life.

The main goal of maintaining this website is not different. The goal of this website is to provide its users with content rich articles that span over various facets of life.

Articles presented are true work of the site owner and/or contributors who have wished to publish their true work for the advancement of community in a particular field. is your onestop source for all articles and reviews in various fields such as Information Management, Business and Management etc. All content is created as original work by the site admin (and/or authorized authors) and all copyrights is reserved with site admin and Any form of re-publishing of content presented is prohibited. The current goal of website is to attract interested academics, professionals and common man who would like to advance their knowledge domain across wide information horizon by reading and actively participating in discussions. Care is taken so that all references are appropriately cited and that proper credit is given to the referred books/web sources.

Please take your valuable time to read these articles/reviews and post your comments to start interesting discussions. Current categories are distributed, since I kept it simple to begin with and shall consolidate as we progress. Please send in your comments/suggestions/feedbacks to

Deepesh Joseph