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Software Project Size

Software Project Size is of great importance since it determines the level of management controls and the types of tools and technologies required for a software project. Accordingly, software projects are classified into 6 major categories as follows (this basic yard stick is used in all of the diversified software development and project management methodologies)…

Software Effort
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Effort Devoted To Building Software

Studies show that more effort is devoted to software maintenance (including software enhancement, adaption to new technologies and bug fixing) than for software development activities (that is about 40% for analysis + design + implementation). According to Boehm, the total effort spend during the software development life cycle is as follows – The following deductions…

Software Engineering
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Software Engineering then and now

Software Engineering is and will be the backbone and driving force behind the technological advancements that we enjoy and that will lead us to greater realms of information and knowledge management. Its good for us to refresh our basics and foundations. Software Engineering is a discipline which was conceptualized, developed and is constantly reviewed for…