Agile development


One of the challenges that software engineers wanted to solve is to reduce the amount of time and effort put into establishing and maintaining a common and repeatable deployment platform and process while deploying source code that need varied environment and OS to operate with. Traditionally, we have an operational or infrastructure team whose full-time…

Agile development

Software Cost Estimation

Estimating Software cost is an art. Software Sizing is important since the accuracy of the Software Project Estimation depends on – the extend to which the planner has properly estimated the size of the project to be built ability to translate the estimated product size (in terms of LOC or FP) into human effort, calendar…

Software Engineering
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Software Engineering then and now

Software Engineering is and will be the backbone and driving force behind the technological advancements that we enjoy and that will lead us to greater realms of information and knowledge management. Its good for us to refresh our basics and foundations. Software Engineering is a discipline which was conceptualized, developed and is constantly reviewed for…

Treating Product Requirements
Agile development

Treating product requirements – The ideal way

Product requirements need to be treated with suspicion as if they really needed for the essential capability for a product release. Always prioritize product requirements and keep the bare minimum and most needed requirements on the top of the product backlog with fine-grained description of the requirements which could be easily implemented using any development…

Agile development

Agile / Scrum methodology – Explained simple

Agile software development methodology is suitable for time-boxed iterative system development scenarios. The software product is released as various versions or releases, typically in time-boxes of a month. Agile development assumes and welcomes delays and late requirements or scope changes even during development/testing phase! Agile software development might not be suitable for all software development…