November 27, 2022

This article is a good resource for those who want to know more about the most raised question – Is there a need to legitimate digital rights management mechanisms for protecting intellectual property? Read along ..

As the article suggests, DRM is being inherently misused to invade user privacy. This “improper advantage” should not be allowed. DMCA is a nice initiative to rectify shortcomings of DRM and include various exemptions to alleviate any confusion and make legitimate use of DRM mechanisms.

For example, the DMCA amendment to the Copyright act to support distance education, which we all now enjoy, is a real blessing. Exemptions for Reverse Engineering and Encryption research for educational and research purposes is also praiseworthy. DMCA is a stepping-stone towards implementing world wide regulations in supporting somewhat legitimate usage of copyright laws.

Even though DMCA has bought various amendments and exemptions, it actually strengthens DRM which in turn crushes fair use and innovation. As this article – Digital ‘Fair Use’ Bill Introduced In Congress, from Washington post states – the bill for FAIR USE (Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship) act will enable consumers to use their fair use right rather than getting severely restricted of usage of digital devices and content.