Building your Employee

Your Employee is your company’s pillar who keeps your company going and succeed. Their happiness, joy and right mental state is the core to your success. Below are some of the important things that you need to consider to make this happen –

1) Right Direction – The most important factor that leads to success of an individual is his right direction to achieve the goal. As Leaders, we need to ensure that each individual is lead and fed with accurate information about his/her goal, pointers on how it could be achieved through the routine work activities and helping out as and when help is needed. Daily stand-ups and informal touch-bases to understand if the right direction is understood and results are produced is very important. Use the right process for your team and culture to determine and measure the progress and outcomes. Never let slip the right moment to correct a deviation from the set direction!

2) Give the right Motivation – Providing right motivation at the right time will ensure that we build strong trust and fidelity towards performing the job. Trust starts building right at the time when an employee feels that he is being cared for. Right motivational acts should make the employee feel that his job is rightly recognized, remunerated and is accounted towards the overall progress of the company. To rightly motivate an employee, you need to be a good listener. Understand his/her character and what really means to him/her that will bring the full potential towards the job/activity. Have 1-on-1s as necessary to have informal personal chats to help them open up a bit so you can see what makes real sense for them.

3) Empower to perform – Empower really means giving enough time and space for the individual to grow and learn from mistakes without fear. We need to trust people to apply their full potential at their work with close guidance as needed. Allow them to use their right judgment and authority within their domain and area of expertise to create an outcome. Clearly define to them what is a success and failure. Allow them to see failures as areas of improvement and events to learn. Be with them when they fail and guide them back on track.



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