C program for Hailstones series

Hailstones is a sequence of numbers that could be generated from any positive number by performing a specific operation on it until it reaches 1. The fact is that any positive number will reach 1 if we perform this operation. If the number is even, we divide it by 2, otherwise we multiply the number by 3 and add 1 to it. Below is simple C program to generate Hailstone series –

     int n, count = 0;

     printf("Enter any number of your choice>>");

         scanf("%d", &n);    
         if(n = 0 || n == 1){
              printf("\n\nSorry the operation is possible with 0 or 1. Enter another number>>");

     printf("\nHAILSTONES Sequence is as below::\n\n%d\n",n);

     for( ;n > 1; ){
          if(n %2)
               n *= 3 + 1;
               n /= 2;
          count += 1;

     printf("\n\n--------->Total number of steps to reach 1 is %d",count);

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