Information Architecture and security

Information Architecture, in general, should be implemented in such a way that it makes the user feel safe and comfortable while surfing through the site. Providing links to privacy policy, Feed backs and the like would be good starting point. As indicated, there is no clear rule of thumb for internet governance and thus no best IA model that could support the best internet governance standards.

A good IA should take into account the global rules set by ICANN and other general bodies on internet and web site development and maintenance. This would make it easy for the transition if at all a UN based central body is set up in the near future. Incorporating secured means of data transfer would be the best option to avoid security breaches.

I have had chance to implement security and privacy features such as personalized web pages, secured (https) connections, single sign ons. Personalized web pages is a great means to foster credibility and sense of belongingness to the site content and features. Secured data transfer would create the impression that the web site do care about data security. Single Sign ons aids in reducing user effort to login separately into two related websites.