A revolutionary supposition – Advice for improved Education system

The educational system should revise the curriculum according to the current technology demands in the society and to build creativity of students. I think the engineering schools in US are already doing it. If not, it is sad and the management should take necessary actions to consult the industry and experts to see what subjects are most strategic and valuable to the students so that learning it will enable them to build a better society, nation and world.

I don’t agree to the idea of liberation by allowing students to learn what interests them, without proper direction. It will be like unrestricted actions, mostly immature, having no clear direction. A universal principle that we forget is that experienced direction and wise restriction leads to the real educational success and wisdom to build a better society. What will happen if all youth mind and power goes to learning some skating classes and thinks that its their means of liberation? Does that lead to a better well build society?

Looking back to the educational system in India, I think the real drive that is going on is to bring IT to the most common man and reduce the digital divide. The move happening in the schools is not different. I don’t think it has any negative aspect. The world is already moved to the phase of “global village”. Its a wise decision by schools and technological institutions to adopt policies that makes IT a easily available commodity.