Is there a more effective strategy for helping developing countries increase the computer and information literacy of their children?

Intel’s Maloney’s words – “It’s about the Web more than anything. I have young kids …….. doesn’t have access to the Web is overwhelming” – is very striking. OLPC efforts might be an answer to this concern. Strategy and plan alone doesn’t work when we are talking about reforming developing nations, cost effective infrastructure is also important. I would suggest that manufacturing information processing devices such as the XO should be done to reduce the TCO as low as possible.

OLPC website at describes the OLPC efforts in detail, their mission, vision and even hardware, software specs. The cool part that I liked is that they are using Open source tools and solutions to build the system. This will open up new realms to introduce and support Linux based Open-source systems into schools and other educational institutions which are looking for cost effective methods of increasing the computer and information literacy of the students.