Will Rohr’s Secular Writings About Government Change In The Present?

If Rohr would have written his book in the present year, it would have a clear shift from the focus on defining what a perfect public administrative function is (which focused on employees themselves) to defining how a public administration be made more fruitful in satisfying the original essence of Constitution to bring about effective administration through active citizen (not just the employees, but all common citizens) collaboration and involvement. There would be clear impact of current high tech and collaborative technology on his view points on how administrative functions may be shared and collaboratively functioned to bring about transparent governance.

Rather than concentrating on separation of powers or mingling of powers or executive leadership and its center of power, he would have focused on issues of how to link citizens more freely to government information sources and its functions to reduce federal bureaucracy and make governance more open, not vested within lobbyists or specific parties within government. He would thus have been able to more clearly expose what does ‘for the people’ actual means in this technology era.


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