Mechanical Information Tool – Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper is a precision instrument which is used to measure and record data such as length, breadth, thickness etc of a body. The principle parts are fixed jaw, movable jaw, beam or blade, fine adjustment screw and fine adjustment clamp. The graduations are marked on the beam. The beam has a fixed jaw at one end. The movable jaw slides on the beam and can be clamped in any position by a screw provided. The vernier scale is housed in the movable jaw. Rough adjustment is made by lowering the clamping screw and then sliding it with hand. Then the screw on the fine adjustment clamp is tightened and fine adjustment is made. A magnifying glass can be used to read the graduation. These calipers are made of in the size 6“, 9“, 12“, 24“, 36“ and 48“. Vernier calipers can be used to measure to an accuracy of 1/1000. The vernier calipers can also be used to measure internal sizes.

Such a mechanical precision instrument indeed is vernier calipers. Use it wisely!!