Tunnel Wiring

Here is a definitive way to set up Tunnel Wiring by yourself –

List of Materials needed

1) 230 V, 5A SPDT switches – 3

2) Switch boxes – 3

3) 230V, 60W Lamps – 3

4) Round blocks – 3

5) 4 way Junction box – 2

6) Bulb Holders – 3

7) T – Bend – 1

8) 30 cm 1/4 inch PVC pipes – 6

9) 10cm 1/4 inch PVC pipes – 3

10) Clamps – 17

11) 1/4 inch screws – 34

12) 1/2 inch screws – 3

13)1/2 inch nails – 3

14) Wire – 3m

15) 230 V, 5A Fuse unit – 1

How to set it up

Tunnel Wiring

I have drawn a schematic that you can use for your practical purposes as shown above. As per the layout, the 30 cm pvc pipes, 10 cm pvc pipes, round blocks, junction boxes, T-bent and switch boxes are arranged. The pipes are suitably inserted into the round blocks and switch boxes.

Now, as the next step, wiring is done. Wires of suitable length are taken. Mark the poles of the SPDT switches S1, S2, S3 as 1, C and 2, the center pole being C.

Connect wire to pole 2 of S1 and take it out as the phase wire. Now, connect all the pole 2s of the three switches to the phase i.e. they are interconnected. Now, connect a wire to pole 1 of S1 and take it out as the neutral wire. Now, interconnect all the pole 1s of the three switches. Now, from C of S1 connect a wire to one of the poles of L2 and connect another wire from same pole C to one of the poles of L1. Now, from C of S3, connect a wire to the other pole of L2 and to the other pole L3. Now, connect the other two poles of L1 and L3 to the center pole C of S2. Now wiring is completed. Now lets test the circuit for any shorting and being satisfied, fix the switch boxes and round blocks and then put the bulbs on the holders. Finally, give the supply.

What you will observe?

On checking with the multi-meter,  it will show high resistance showing there is no shorting if your connections are correct. Below are the observations that you can note –

S1                    S2                       S3                       L1                        L2                   L3

OFF               OFF                       OFF                    OFF                      OFF                OFF

ON                 OFF                       OFF                    ON                        ON                 OFF

ON                 ON                         OFF                    OFF                      ON                 ON

ON                 ON                         ON                      OFF                      OFF              OFF

OFF               ON                         OFF                     ON                        OFF             ON


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