Data warehousing has a great relevance in IT since it provides an Integrated Information management solution that aids in providing the right information, in the right form, to the right person, at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost.

The enterprise instrument panel that’s causing excitement among IS/IT professionals today is the data warehouse. That’s where business managers can find essence the data the information they need to steer the business correctly The of of much like t warehouse is that it provides a single image business reality, instrument panel of airliner, to control and manage the enterprise information an resource. Current operations can be monitored in massive amounts stored in specified and structured data warehouse locations & could be compared with past operations. Quicker queries & in-depth trends analysis could be made.

Another important strategic importance of data warehousing is that it supports the Business Process reengineering (BPR) of the enterprise that leads to the continuous improvement of the enterprise processes. The data warehouse solution is tailored according to the business strategies & workflows, thus leading to the attainment of business goals and benefits by effective information management supporting the business processes.

Another factor that has made data warehousing popular in IT field is that it aids in realizing the ROI (return on investment) easily. Eventhough the initial IT investment on data warehousing project is huge, there are various savings in terms of direct & indirect benefits like faster and satisfactory decision making, end user productivity & satisfaction, refinement of business processes, added quality products and services, devising customer oriented business strategies by studying the historic customer details and service trends, customer satisfaction etc. These in the long run, earns the estimated business benefits and goals early so that the initial cost of implementation easily break even. This earns the estimated ROI.