How do we have to accept Jesus?


How many of us have tried to accept Jesus into our heart so that the fullness of God’s love and fruits of Holy Spirit reflects through our thoughts, words, deeds and actions? Accepting Jesus is nothing but accepting Word of God and devouring it every day in purity of heart. Of course sacraments of church will lead us to Jesus and accept his never ending graces. In addition to that we need to strive for purity and complete humility to receive the graces in its fullest.

Through Philippines 2 , St. Paul (who knew the mind of Jesus) revealed to us how Jesus emptied himself and humbled himself even though he knew he was God. Jesus has shown an example for us as the great servant leader. So now on if someone thinks that he or she can accept Jesus and still does not have emptied oneself to see the goodness in others and see that others are better than oneself, has not really accepted Jesus, but has accepted the world. So accepting Jesus is to accept complete humility and start seeing others better than oneself.

This year has been declared as the year of Mercy by Holy Father. What is the real meaning of this? Holy Spirit is inspiring him to make the people understand the inner meanings of Hosea 6:6 and Mathew 9:13 – that God really want us to understand the needs (spiritual, physical) needs of our fellow beings and show mercy to them and fulfill those needs. If you see that your fellow being is in need for love, freedom from a spiritual bondage, need a prayer, need a mental support to overcome a stress or temptation, need physical help, monetary help, needs attention in as sick, being poor – open your narrow minded heart and rise above and leap forward to help them – God will bless you and your family forever and with his never ending graces. Pray constantly in fasting and contrition to Jesus to build these qualities in you and he will fulfill your wishes with lot of opportunities to put this in action – thus allowing you to accept him every moment of your life as a cheerful giver.