Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? This is a question that is being asked by many and a question that we need to ask ourselves – Who is Jesus to me? Jesus is a mystery of God that he is God himself who existed in God himself even from the beginning of creation. The most visible explanation of this mystery is in John 8:58 where Jesus tells us (using “us” since we are not perfect in our faith, so let us read this Word of God again and again and be filled with more revelations as we read it) that he was there before Father Abraham – Dear all – Jesus is not just a name or a human – He is con-substantial with God the Father forever. We can see several references of Jesus in the Old Testament to prove that Jesus was the only and true son of God who will be send to save mankind from their sins and take them to eternal life. Starting from Genesis to the Prophecy of Malachy, there are numerous, clear indications of how God laid out his merciful plan to send his true con-substantial son and later his Holy Spirit as the helper for the mankind. With these clear indications, let us understand the mystery that Jesus is God himself who created this whole Universe and maintains it and everything that dwells in it.

Lets take a look at John Chapter 1:1-5 and 14th verse. This part of the scripture talks about another great mystery of God – ‘The Word of God’ and how it  co-existed with God when the whole universe was created. It then slowly reveals that Word of God was a person who was con-substantial with God and who had life within himself and who had the power to give life and light to all human beings. Later in John 1:14 we see how this person took the form of flesh through Virgin Mother Mary. This is the completion of all prophesies and knowledge that Word of God (who is Jesus) took the form of flesh when God’s glory (as Holy Spirit) overshadowed Mother Mary  (Luke 1:35). John Chapter 1:1-5 and 14th verse is the foundation for what, when and how the whole Universe was created and how God considers his center of creation (human beings on earth) with so much mercy that he even decided to send his Word of God (son) in the human form to redeem them.

It is hard for many to believe that Jesus is God. But Holy scripture is a true evidence that he is God. Jesus knew that he came from God and he is the only way, life and truth and he is con-substantial with God the Father as his son and Word of God. But he never wanted to show or exercise any privileges that could be attributed to God. Philippians Chapter 2:1-11 shows us how Jesus’s mind was and how he humbled himself to the point of a servant serving his own creation. His basic point was to value others above himself in complete humility – If everyone in this world has this basic quality of mind, we would have been 1 million times advanced society than we have now (please take the Bible and read the above passage and meditate upon it humbling yourself in Christ Jesus as a child (Mathew 11-25) Jesus will reveal you this mystery of peace). So, since Jesus had this extraordinary humility, no one thought he was God (except his disciples and those who believed in him).

Let us pray that Jesus give us complete humility and purity of heart that we may be one with him and attain complete freedom and peace of soul to see God face to face.