Walking your life with Jesus

jesusGod gave us this life and he gave us a soul and body in his own likeness. His never ending love for his own creation leads him to show mercy to everyone, thus he sent his only son, Jesus, to redeem everyone who believes in him. God wants us to know who Jesus is and walk with him and realize and experience the fact that eternal life starts even while we are on earth. No matter how much sins we have committed, if we repent with a broken heart and cry to Jesus for forgiveness, he will shower his mercy and healing to call you back to his grace.

Everyone in this world is created by God with a specific mission in purity and holiness. With special grace and willingness of God, very few people have the mercy to know Jesus and start their eternal life on earth in humility and purity of heart, right from their childhood. Others come to Jesus through by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Word of God is Jesus himself, so next time when we read a Word God, how much reverence we contriteness of heart we need to have? Isaiah 66:2 explains us in what state of mind heart and spirit we need to receive Word of God i.e Jesus.

Let us turn our ways to let Jesus walk with us and be one with us to enjoy the treasures of faith, holiness, humility, peace and love.