Software Project Size

Software Project Size is of great importance since it determines the level of management controls and the types of tools and technologies required for a software project. Accordingly, software projects are classified into 6 major categories as follows (this basic yard stick is used in all of the diversified software development and project management methodologies) –

Project Type No. developers Project Duration Product Size (LOC) Use case
Trivial – No use of formal methods of software development life cycle. In some cases the use of formal methods will improve quality 1 1-4 weeks <500 Programs solving simple problems and are used for personal use by the programmers
Small – Standard formal Software Engineering methods are used for improving the development phase and product quality 1 1-6 months 1-2K Programs solving numerical problems, Medium size Websites, student projects etc.
Medium Size – Formal Software Engineering methods are used for improving product quality, programmer productivity and customer satisfaction 2-5 1-2 years 5-50K Assemblers, Compilers, Intranet systems, Complex Websites involving multi-vendor API interactions and multi-tenant models, Health Information Management Systems
Large 5-20 2-3 years 50-100K Large compilers, Large multi-tenant  information management systems, small time-sharing systems, database packages, real time control systems
Very Large 100-1000 4-5 years 1M Real Time processing systems, telecommunication systems, Space shuttle/communication systems, Operating Systems, military command and control systems
Extra Large 2000 – 5000 5-10 years 1-10 M Air traffic control, ballistic / acute military operation control, command control systems