Differences between TCP/IP internet services and others

TCP/IP internet services and other internetworking services can be compared on the basis of following features of TCP/IP internet –

  1. Network Topology Independence

While TCP/IP is based on conventional packet switching technology that defined datagram as the unit of data transmission, it is independent of any particular vendor’s hardware or other underlying network technologies.

     2. Universal Interconnection

TCP/IP allows any pair of computers which it attaches to communicate by assigning unique, universal IP addresses to each of them.

     3. End to End acknowledgement

TCP/IP forward the data traffic via a process of end to end acknowledgement between the sender and receiver without consideration of the physical network to which they are connected

4. Application Protocol Standards

In addition tot he transport level services like the reliable stream connections, TCP/IP protocols include standards for many common applications including email, FTP, Telnet etc.