Should broadband distributors be regulated as common carriers by the FCC?

From the literature and court cases, FCC is less obliged to regulate broadband distributors as common carriers, as “Computer network Information” services are not subject to common carrier telecommunication service regulation under Title II of the federal Communications Act. (NCTA v. Brand X Internet Services et al., U.S. Supreme Court Nos. 04-277 and 04-281, June 27, 2005) So it is what it is.

Now if network giants like AT&T makes move to impose controls on pipe usage for sake of competition and monetary advantage, then it creates concerns on Net Neutrality. Enjoying all benefits of not being a common carrier, the broadband distributors, should not be given right to fix rates or tolls on pipe usage. Let all regulation come from FCC and FCC need to make sure that Net Neutrality is protected.

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