What protections should the public have regarding access to broadband networks for reception and/or transmission?

700 Mhz band is being developed and utilized with the intention of allowing entrepreneurs with less capital to establish broadband services, since it offers cheap means to setup service. This is the reason for the major players influencing Congress to gain an upper hand so that they kill competition and innovation. The term “public” means individual or group of people who utilize the airwaves for common good or services. The new wireless band is clearly a public entity which has to be harnessed accordingly.

Cable TV companies and other network service providers are assigned specific bands to operate up on which they are free to impose standard fee structures. This option should not be tied upon the new 700 band. Most part of it should be reserved for public good, as mentioned in the article and according to Net Neutrality (SaveInternet.com). For the normal broadband spectrum the current protection seems to be fine as long as the network giants do not increase/impose extra fees.