Would Blogging in a Government Office be Appropriate? Why or why not?

Blogging has its relevance in supporting electronic government only if it is accepted within that localized setup and is strictly monitored and controlled by the inherent information systems. Now let us see how blogging would support electronic government initiatives in such a localized setup (Homburg V., 2008).

The pre-requisite in using blogging as a part of e-government would be the fact that it is a part of the core government information systems framework and is fully monitored and linked to result oriented reviews and actions. Blogging would help employees to make their work life public and in doing so, reduces the gap between common man and administrative processes. This also increases approachability and openness of the government. Also appropriate reviews and feed backs (requires highly controlled and monitored setup) ensures result oriented blogging


1. Homburg V. (2008). Understanding E-Government -Information Systems in Public Administration. Chapter 8, p. 126. Routledge