What is Re-engineering? Why companies are doing re-engineering?

Re-engineering or Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is way of rethinking or redesigning the existing business systems both in technical and behavioral terms. The ultimate goal of BPR is to continuously improve the business process cycles so that a total quality is built to the business system, its processes & workflows that reflects as high quality products & services produced by the enterprise. As quality products and services are provided by the enterprise for its customers, customers are able to gain value for the products and services that they buy. This improves customer satisfaction and customer orders. This further improves cash flows and easy realization of business profits and gains.

Now, since BPR leads to continuous business process improvements, the business process cycles and workflows are continuously refined according to changing strategies, technologies and customer demands. This ultimately leads to business stability in the competitive industry / business environment. Since every enterprise is striving for business stability, everyone is going for BPR.

BPR involves considering everything from business strategies to processes to organization structures to management systems (people, machine, money, information) to values & beliefs of the enterprise that undergoes BPR.