Data warehousing – Project Scope

A typical project scope for Data warehousing is as below –


The major goal & effort on working on the project is to study and analyse a typical system (eg: automobile servicing stations) for applying Data warehousing, study the scope of Data warehousing in the system and present a proposed system Perform Data warehouse system analysis, data modeling & design, Establish the appropriate Data warehousing architecture and Setup the Data warehousing system. We will be designing and proposing a Private Data warehousing Internetwork for the system studied showing all the system integration details and will be implementing a simplified version of the overall system with all the necessary system integration. In essence, we will be designing & implementing the core Data warehousing system architecture as a miniature Data warehousing Internetwork for the system which can be easily scaled up to the overall system. In our efforts, we will be concentrating on applying Data warehousing system modeling & design, Data warehouse data modeling & database design, Data warehousing system implementation & integration techniques.

Below is a rough effort distribution of the project.

|Project Start  _________________________________________________________Project end|



Project feasibility and inception | System analysis & Design       |   System implementation